Michael Thiele
Business Owner, Entrepreneur
September 21st, 1968 (age 48)
Northern Illinois University
Aurora, Illinois

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Michael Thiele is the owner of Ocala Computer Services.
Michael was born and raised in Aurora, IL.   Michael was fascinated with technology from a young age.  His father was a technology enthuisiast which helped develop Michaels early knowdledge and interest.   There is a story Michael likes to tell about how he got into the computer business.   It started back when he was just a lad in the 6th grade, Jefferson Middle school in Aurora, IL.  Michaels father (John Thiele) - the famous machinist for Caterpillar had just purchased one of the very first personal computers ever made , the TRS-80 by Tandy, complete with a 6 inch dot matrix printer.   The year was 1974.    Michael would observe his father spending all of his spare time studying this new machine, how it works and what it can do.    Now Michael was a bright lad, however he  really did not show much interest in this thing called the computer.   He'd much rathar play baseball or football with his friends and watch the three stooges on the tv :).     Then in 6th grade Michael got suspended from school for fighting.   Michaels' father was none to pleased with  Michaels' behavior ( even though Michael was not the aggressor).   However, such a thing cannot go unpunished.   Michaels Dads words were "your not going to sit around the house and do nothing but watch TV for 3 days", handed his son 3 books, the Tandy manual, and two books about basic programming, and told Michael to turn the keyboard into a piano.    Turns out Michael quickly grasped computer programming and turned that Tandy into a Piano :).
However even after this experience, Michaels interests were still not with computers.  In High School Michael attended the Indian Valley Vocational Center in Sandwich, IL where he studied Drafting and Design.   After graduating with his Certificate in Drafting and Design Michaels intentons were to study Engneering or possibly the Math Sciences.        However In his Freshman year of college he took a course on Microsoft Ofiice and decided that Microsoft and this Windows operating system were going to be huge (he regrets not investing !!!!!!).   At that point Michael decided to study Management Information Systems at Northern Illinois University, devoting most of his studies torward Microsft Server and Database Design and Managemnt.After College - Earlier Career

Michaels first position out of college was with Professional American Credit in North Aurora, IL as  a Technical Support specialist/ Database Designer.   Michael met his Mentor Mike Brown who was a brilliant technical mind.   Michael in his first year built a Technical Support Database from scratch using Microsoft Access.  It was an impressive piece of work.  It was fortunate that PAC was doing a brand new role out of Microsoft Server and Michael was able to learn the entire process.   With this knowledge Michael would acquire Network Management positions with 2 large firms TW Metals and Trammell Crow.

After PAC Michael was a Field Technician for Jobco Technical Recruiters and Inacom Technical Systems working on projects for clients such as Hewlett Packard, General Electric, Sonneshein, Nath, and Rosenthal, and the Chicago Healthcare Finance Administration.  All of which led to Michael becoming the Network Administrator for TW Metals and then Trammel Crow in Oakbrook Illinois.

Ocala Computer Services

After vacationing with his parents in Florida for 5 years and loving the weather and peaceful nature of Ocala, Fl , Michael decided to make the leap and take his years of knowledge and experience to persue his own entrepreneurail goals.    Thus Ocala Computer Services was born. We have been proudly serving the Ocala, Florida area for going on 15 years.


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