Managed Services



Our Managed Services offerings are designed to dramatically reduce or eliminate computer problems in your business while maximizing your network’s speed, performance, and stability, without the expense of a full-time IT staff. Unlike other computer consultants who profit from the failures in your IT environment, our purpose is to PREVENT computer problems from escalating into unexpected downtime, data loss, interruptions in business, and financial loss.

Network Fortress Service

Our managed services offering that combines network monitoring, maintenance, support, and many other benefits in a turnkey solution for small and medium sized business.

Network Documentation

Network documentation will be created and maintained for your organization. Every time work is performed on your network, the engineer will update your documentation including:

  • Server hardware information, IP addresses, and serial numbers
  • Network passwords
  • Methods of network access
  • Security/firewall configuration
  • Visio network map
  • Router configuration
  • Internet Use Policy
  • Computer Use Policy

Please note that documentation is a continuous process and that it may take several months for a truly comprehensive document to be compiled.

Network Monitoring

Your network devices, servers, and computers will be continuously monitored. A complete picture of your network is tracked on our central dashboard so that service engineers can be notified and respond to alerts quickly and effectively. We will find and resolve many problems that would normally go undiscovered before they can adversely affect your network, cause downtime, or cause data loss. We monitor:

  • Server CPU, memory, and network statistics
  • Computer CPU, memory, and network statistics
  • Hard drive S.M.A.R.T. status on servers and computers
  • Hard drive capacity on servers and computers
  • Backup jobs on servers and computers
  • SNMP statistics on routers and switches

Continuous Network Maintenance

Our network maintenance service will perform daily tasks that include:

  • Installation of authorized security patches
  • Application antivirus and antispyware updates
  • Installation of authorized operating system updates
  • Defragment server and workstation hard drives to ensure maximum performance

Network Repair Service

Our engineers will troubleshoot and resolve any network, server, or computer issue. This unlimited service is included in the Network Fortress package! (Labor only. Software and hardware costs are additional.)

Unlimited Support Calls

Anyone in your organization can call anytime during business hours and speak to an experienced network engineer. Let us take the computer support burden off of your staff!

Remote Technical Support

Our remote agent enables us to provide remote support to your office staff, telecommuters, traveling personnel, and remote offices alike. We can remotely share control of your user’s desktops and resolve their problems even faster than by phone!

Monthly/Quarterly Technology Review

You will receive monthly network health reports via e-mail. These reports are easy to read summaries of the status of your network, servers, and computers. In addition, we will meet with you at least once per quarter to go over the reports and discuss your future IT needs. We will provide information on problem areas that need to be improved, and ask that you give us feedback on how we are performing.

Semi-Annual On-Site Maintenance

We will clean your servers, network equipment, and test your UPS batteries twice each year. This will extend the life of your equipment and prevent possible unplanned downtime. We will need to schedule these visits in advance and at a time that will least inconvenience your staff.

Spam Filtering

We will stop 99% of all spam and filter 100% of viruses sent via e-mail. Your e-mail will be filtered by the award winning SpamSoap service. SpamSoap will screen all of your incoming e-mail before they reach your network or servers. Only legitimate e-mail is passed through to you, so your e-mail will run faster and more securely. Every user will receive a Spam Quarantine Report with details of all of the messages held as spam. In the rare instance that a desirable message is held, the user can simply click on the held message to immediately deliver it. Your incoming emails are queued by SpamSoap for up to 5 days in case of Internet downtime or server maintenance so your clients will never see an undeliverable message even if your mail server is unavailable.

Antivirus and Antispyware Software for Workstations and Servers

Never pay for Antivirus and Antispyware software and updates again! AVG Internet Security software from Grisoft is included with the Network Fortress service. AVG currently protects over 70 million computers worldwide. We maintain the licenses for you and will update your Antivirus and Antispyware software upgrades and definitions daily. As an extra layer of protection, our monitoring agent will block the ability of many spyware programs to be installed on your computers.

Software Upgrades and Installs

Our remote agent enables us to roll out new software to all of the computers in your organization at one time. We can push registry changes, updates, and even uninstall software for you without touching each computer and disrupting your daily business.

Vendor Liaison Service

Let us do the shopping for you! We will research products and determine the most cost effective solution to fit your new technology needs. Then we will find the best pricing on new hardware and software from multiple vendors. In many cases we will help you purchase direct from the vendor so you get the highest possible savings.