Is your computer not booting or is it getting very very slow? .....

give us a call and we will tune it up. Our certified technicians are trained to optimize the performance of your Personal Desktop Computer or Laptop.


IT Services

Technology solutions that make sense for your business...

Many small businesses find it challenging to deploy, maintain, and protect their technology. Whether you’re looking to keep IT costs predictable, avoid unexpected problems, communicate more effectively or make a plan for business continuity, Ocala Computer Services has a solution for you.



Your web site is a direct reflection of you & your business and one of the most effective advertising methods available today. Ocala Computer Services will build you a beautiful website that will define your company and bring you new business. We will take you step by step through the website building process. We have the ability to design a website from scratch or whenever possible we like to incorporate your existing company themes and advertising..

Our Services

  • Desktop Computer Repair
  • Ocala Computer Services will send a qualified technician to your home within 24 hours of getting a service request from you. We guarantee our repairs. There is no long term contract to sign, just prompt, friendly service.

  • Tablet Repair
  • Do you need tablet repair service? It’s easy to fall in love with your tablet, as it offers the perfect combination of size and function. Whether you use it for work, school, or play, your tablet is a handy companion that is easy to take with you. If this convenience has been interrupted by damage or malfunction, we can fix the problem quickly so that you can enjoy your tablet again.

  • Data Backup/Recovery
  • Protecting your organization's data and systems is serious business. That's why OcalaComputer Services offers Backup-as-a-Service, Recovery-as-a-Service, and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service. When you purchase backup and recovery services with Ocala Computer Services, we don't just leave you to figure it out on your own. We'll match you with a professional services engineer and help you customize a plan and playbook detailing disaster recovery plans and processes.

  • Laptop Repair
  • We employ only the most highly trained and experienced technicians; ensuring every repair is done right the first time. Our team has a combined 50+ years of experience in working with laptop hardware and software issues of every type. We’ve worked on almost every brand and model of laptop out there, so we’ve seen it all, and fixed it all before. This translates into time and cost savings for you, and ensures every repair is done right the first time.

  • Smartphone Repair
  • A device with a perfect score will be relatively inexpensive to repair because it is easy to disassemble and has a service manual available. Points are docked based on the difficulty of opening the device, the types of fasteners found inside, and the complexity involved in replacing major components. Points are awarded for upgradability, use of non-proprietary tools for servicing, and component modularity.

  • Networking - Wireless, Wired, and Business Systems
  • The way we access our information is rapidly changing. Remember dial-up internet? Since then, the web and our methods of staying connected have completely changed. The latest trends in connectivity cut all ties, both literal and figurative, with the wired web of the past. Just because something is new and popular, doesn’t mean it’s implementing best practices and is optimized for network security. So, should you wire your office up for data or transfer your network to wireless? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of wired vs. wireless connectivity in business and why wired wins.


Our testimonials

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